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About me

I am interested in the links between illustration and painting, the story and the form, the representational and the abstract. I find drawing to be a central aspect of my artistic process and work. My process usually begins with doodling and drawing in sketchbooks, recursively exploring my subject.


Visual storytelling is my key interest, and through it I find myself tapping into the networks between art education, art platforms and independently run publishing. The different roles I play - those of educator, curator and artist - feed into each other to shape my concerns, sensibilities and worldview. For instance, I’ve learned a lot about how to create teaching modules by making comics and picture books. While curating and programming exhibitions I have engaged with different aspects of graphic narratives. 


I don’t consciously aim at or limit myself to a specific audience. The democratic nature of online platforms really appeals to me and through them I see my work reaching and impacting a wide variety of people. 

 I design websites, books, and posters

I illustrate for children's books and Independent Magazines

For commissions email me at

Co-founder bluejackal, (

 indie platform for visual narratives from India and beyond

art educator - I work with Artreach (

and i conduct workshops in visual storytelling independently

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